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    'Remember me' - is this Forum still messed up or not?  Thread

    shooternz Level 6

      Is this forum getting fixed or is it actually ok  and its just me?


      How does one get "remembered" in these forums? (ie Log on is flaky and intermitttent - I am on , I am off, I am authorised to post, I am not authorised to post, weird, weird weird, log on is interminable, sometimes it even remembers without logging on...  F.F.S!  )


      I have resolved some issues by going with IE8.  (IE7 is the clunkiest ...but only on this forum)


      I have these issues in two machines.


      Am I the only one having these issues?


      Are the rest of you having a great experience here or otherwise?  (If not you guys have more patience and fortitude than me and no one is saying much about it (except Bill ...aka the wine snob). Whats with you guys?


      Premiere 4.1 is out and I am giving it another chance and I feel the need to hang around here... but jeez...this is the worst web experience I have ever experienced. (My other Forums are smooth, fast, ..and remember me or at least ...allow me to re log on)


      Comment: So far 4.1 seems "better" than it was.for me previously.

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          Curt Wrigley Level 4

          Login's are expired much more frequently in these fora.  The exact method of why and when is not known to meere mortals.   For me, its roughly once a day.  It is on the list that the forum team is working on.


          BTW; Im my experience IE is the worst browser of the lot as far as performance (and standards of course).  Chrome is the best; with FF (my choice) in between.


          As far as the 4.1 update: Most are experienceing joy with it.  More stable, project load time is exponentialy faster, frame export is now reasonable, performance improvements of certain codecs on playback, if you have RED you will be delighted.

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            Am I the only one having these issues?


            I nosed around recently in the forum for Forum Issues.  The answer I came away with is that Adobe mucked things up by putting their store and these forums on the same server.  They do not want folks to stay logged in on the store side of things (which I can understand), so they instituted a 4 hour automatic logout, which affects the forums as well.  Theoretically, if one does not click something in these fora for a 4 hour period, you get logged out.  Some users report improper logouts, but not staying logged in is by (asinine) design.