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    Please help me on air install,sorry bout the long post:)


      Hi, Im new here and have no idea why when I try to download,it says get later version? 

      www.adobe.com/go air get tar?I have never seen this.

      Im a novice so please forgive me

      if Im not suppose to be here I just dont know where else to go.Im not dumb on alot of things

      I usually fix myself except I don't do any form of type in lines well you know,Im lost, sorry your icon blush won't work either see story of my life:)

      How come before I was able to install air and never saw any of that?

      Any help I would be greatful for, if you tell me I have to put in puter lingo

      I can but please type it so I know where to put it ,geez see now your icon works,maybe a few bugs here too:).(Now this one didn't work and I not even going there:)

      Sorry I got off path, Im very ill from cancer(no pity)my communication skills for now are shot.

      If anyone can help me I promise free nursing care:)or free therapy,also free hair cuts for the whole family.Only after Im able to get surgery and find out if cancer spread. (scared alone)

      Thank you for taking time out to even read this and help if anyone knows.

      Hugs to all.(blush):)PS:If you haven't notice Im not good at posting either(lol)