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    unexpected closing of the application


      Hi all!


      I use an Imac 24" Intel core 2 Duo with 4 Gb RAM and with Adobe CS4.
      A few days ago I reopened an old file of an old home page, which is still on-line, to make some minor changes in the graphics and saved the file with a new name – index2.fla in CS4. I also made a version with cut-out animation, saving it under the name testata.fla. Index2.fla does not have many codes, at least at the starting point, but rather a series of buttons bearing the following code:


      on (release) {
          loadMovieNum("chi_siamo.swf", 0);
      where only the loadMovie object changes


      and another one
      on (release) {




      I need to have all the getURL("openpagex.htm","_blank")
      I didn’t immediately realise that getURL doesn’t work with ACS3 because it is been replaced by new navigateToURL and URLRequest. In fact, it didn’t work.
      I wanted to make the changes, but I couldn't do anything: the file would not open, or more specifially, Flash would close immediately with the message "the application closed unexpectedly, do you want notify Adobe of this error...". No matter which way I try to open the file - drag&drop on the dock icon, double click on the file icon, open with the name of the file from the menu “recent elements from the apple menu”, or open the application and select index2.fla from the file menu – nothing works.
      One would normally think that this new file had somehow been corrupted or damaged, but the same thing happens even if I try to open old copies of the same file, before I modified it, but from different folders, except for one very old one that opened this morning, but continues to be the only one and is no longer useful because the graphics were somewhat different.
      The strange thing is that FLASH seems to work normally, opening any other file, even new ones.
      I seem to be at a dead end and will have to redo everything from scratch. But I would prefer to understand this situation that seems to me to be so illogical.