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    Problem with installing lcds ..


      I am getting problem in installing Life cycle Data Services. Firstly the website mentioned in the tutorial pdf does not exist. I have dowloaded the jar file but i am not able to install from it. It just gets stuck after few seconds.

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          Knud Andersen


          I had the same problem - although, the link in the tutorial does exist (or it did yesterday, 3rd june).

          The instructions seems to be missing some information.  It assumes you have a JRUN application server, and you know how to publish an application with JRUN. - I tried installing JRUN, but was unable to start it, so I gave up after some hours and uninstalled it again - also uninstalled the lcds ....


          What I did was then to install the lcds and selecting the tomcat.  This worked - and i then, of course, had to mentally modify the exercises to use tomcat location ... on tomcat, the odt files should be in: C:\lcds\tomcat\webapps ...


          Hope this help.



          (Was browsing the forum, and found a message from rsadwick - he give a good description on how to do the above)