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    Starting another Flex application from an Flex application




      I have a Flex module-based application. Modules are separated on different tabs, one per tab. The basic idea is to build something by moving from a tab to another and providing data. This is a "full-screen" application with lots of fields.


      Now I need to have a very simple application with which I could "bypass" unnecessary tabs/modules and go directly to the last of them and show and share predefined data that is easily accessed by this simple app. A sort of a shortcut for easy access.


      By using SystemManager and Application classes I'm able to load both applications. I can also call functions in the other application, and thus modify its variables. However, I haven't found a way to ***display*** the other application. So, somehow I should be able to "set the focus to and activate" the other application and see it in my browser (preferably in a separate browser tab). I hope I'm missing something very simple, but can't seem to find it myself...