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    Export Media Question re H.264 PAL DV Widescreen High Quality

    davedwyervideo Level 1

      Using Premiere Pro CS4.


      Why is the movie that I export being squashed into the 4:3 (tall and skinny) syndrome when I export using the following settings and view in Quicktime Player 7.6?


      I captured the video straight from my video camera as DV AVI PAL 720 x 576 (1.4587).

      I export the media as follows:


      Format: H.264

      Preset: PAL DV Widescreen High Quality

      Summary - PAL, 720 x 576, 25FPS


      It seems to be only happening with my .mp4 exports!?  i.e. the 16:9 ratio is perfect when I export to Microsoft AVI.


      The really bizarre thing is I uploaded a squashed looking video to my Vimeo account and it displayed correctly (16:9) after processing!  Why then doesn't it play correctly in Quicktime Player?


      Am I missing something in the Quicktime Player settings?


      Please help!