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    Tif files not opening via Acrobat Javascript openDoc() method



      I am trying to open a .tif file via Acrobat Javascript using the following code snippet which I have in config.js file in Acrobat Javascripts folder:
      trustedOpenDoc = app.trustedFunction( function (File)

        var doc = app.openDoc({
            cPath: File,
            bUseConv: true
      return doc;

      Problem is that openDoc opens up all other images but it has problem with multi page tif files, I mean it does not open some tif files. I have directly tried to open files in Acrobat professional 8/9 from File --> Open but got same result.
      The same happens also with some heavy (above 1 MB) .bmp files but with .bmp files this behaviour is not so frequent, on the other hand .tif files always give the same result.

      Any PDF Gladiator who can save my project deadline!

      Look please; I have this problem for the last 12 days and miserably my project is getting late becoz of this.

      Thanks in advance for the resolution/suggestion.