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    Please help, EX1 + PremPro CS4.1 NO Preview while editing.

    Nick Schale-yeNCYk

      So, I am wondering what is the best sequence settings for ex1 cam. I am having a ton of problems with cs4 and am thinking (PRAYING) it is a user error.


      Project: 2hr long recital where we had three Sony EX-1 cameras. All shooting 1920x1080p (HQ). And there are two shows, but I'll edit them in different projects.


      In CS3, I would start the project and just pull the footage in... no problem everything played fine. Then when I upgraded to CS4 it was CHOPPY to the point I could not edit.


      Sequence Settings: General:


      Editing Mode: Desktop. But was the EX1 1920x1080 hq by default... but that wasnt working. So far, Desktop is the only thing that has even let video show up... if I import only 25minutes of footage, it plays back smooth! NOTHING has worked like this, so is Desktop the way to go?


      Video Previews: I-Frame Only MPEG
          I really do think this is where the problem is. The video is killing me, audio plays back like a champ (if i turn off the video and press play). I dont know enough about this to know if I am correct or not. Should I do I-frame or AVI? and if AVI which Codec? Also, should i click max bit depth and render quality? i'd assume no for a preview.


      Thanks a million for any help!!!


      Dual Core 2 6600 (2.4GHz)
      8 GB ddr2
      64-bit vista prem
      NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT
      1.5 TB of storage
      OS Drive is a Raptor 10k


      I am on my way to work now to get CS3 to downgrade. /sigh.