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    Plotseries quirks

    Cr99 Level 1

      I am trying to create charts with customizable attributes like stroke size, color, etc.  Everything works fine except plotSeries are giving me fits.


      Here is the code I'm usting to create the series:



      stroke.weight = 0;

      var plotSeries:PlotSeries = new PlotSeries();

      plotSeries.setStyle("itemRenderer", new ClassFactory(mx.charts.renderers.CircleItemRenderer));

      plotSeries.setStyle('stroke', stroke);        


      plotSeries.setStyle("radius", 1);



      And here is a snapshot of the result:


      Picture 5.png

      However when I set stroke.weight to 0.5, I get:


      Picture 4.png


      It is a little hard to see, but the dots are actually smaller in the chart with the higher stroke weight.  The thing is, I cannot seem to figure out the relationship between stroke.weight and radius.  I basically don't need any stroke on my plots and I just want the user to be able to create dots that are 1 pixels, 2 pixels, 3 pixels, etc.  When I set radius to 0.5, the dots just disappear, so it doesn't seem like I can get a 1 pixel dot by setting radius to 0.5.


      Does anyone know what should be adjusted to get this to work in this fashion?