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    [AS CS3-4] Delete applied master, entirely deletes the master from doc?

    SuperMacGuy Level 2

      Here's what I am trying to do: Add a page at the end of the document. Then, if there is a master page applied automatically, like "A-Master", to delete it so the page has "[None]" master applied.

      I've tried several variations on applying "[None]" or "None" or nothing or null, which do not seem to work.

      I also have a script that I thought worked, but it actually COMPLETELY removes the master spread from the entire document. Clearly not what I intended.


      Any suggestions on how to do this?


      Non-Functional example script:

      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS3"

      tell document 1

        --page 1 has "A-Master" applied

         tell page 1 to delete applied master

        --"A-Master" is now gone from document

      end tell

      end tell