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    High Res Screenshots from a Swf


      Hi gang,


      Can anyone PLEASE point me to a resource that can make high res screenshots of a swf? Preferably free, but totally willing to pay.


      Thanks in advance,

      Dan P

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          Rothrock Level 5

          Most flash isn't high res because it is designed for viewing on screen. Which is generally 100 dpi at the most.


          Also don't most operating systems have basic screen shoting ability built in? On Windows Print Screen and on Mac ctrl-3 or 4?


          What do you mean?

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            dmperkins74 Level 1

            Specifically, our print department needs screenshots of things at high resolution, specifically around 8 inches wide by 8 tall at 300 DPI. Since it's vector, Flash can easily be scaled to be large enough to accomodate this. Built in operating system screen cap doesn't give that resolution at all, it just captures screen resolution.


            I've got to believe there's a third party app out there that could quickly and simply make a hi res grab of my swf!!!


            Any other thoughts folks? Thanks,

            Dan P.

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              do you have a monitor that can display that?

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                Rothrock Level 5

                Nothing can take a screen shot of a screen at 100 dpi (just to make the math easier) at 300 dpi. That is kind of the point of screen shots, they reflect the screen.


                So if your monitor is 1680 x 1050 and you take a screen shot of it you will get 1680 x 1050 pixels. You can't get any more. Where would they come from? How densly packed those are will determine the resolution and size of your end artwork. So at 100 dpi that 1ill be roughly 16 by 10 inches. And at 300 dpi it will by 5.6 by 3.5. The pixels you got is the pixels you got. A program like Photoshop or something can easily change how densly packed they are.


                For 8 x 8 you will need a monitor that is 2,400 by 2,400 pixels. Or a smaller monitor that you can screen shot parts and stitch them together.


                And yes some of the stuff in Flash is vector, but fonts and some of the filters and other things don't scale that well. Depending exactly on what the actual artwork is it might be better to screen shot it at 100% resolution and then use various upsampling methods within a professional program like Photoshop to scale it up.

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                  dmperkins74 Level 1

                  I guess I was looking at it differently... maybe shouldn't be using the word "Screen Shot" because it's tying us too much to screen resolution etc. What I was hoping for was a magic swf player that at any point I could choose "Export" with an option for "jpg" and resolution settings, just like I can from inside Flash or inside Illustrator. Anything like that?


                  Granted, I know some elements might not do so well, but for the pieces I've got to screenshot, there would be no issue, as we're not using the fancy filters and the font is arial, and there are no images. Sounds like I may be up the creek... I'll have to go with the old "zoom in, screen grap parts, stitch together in photoshop".