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    Flash automatic builds






      I want to know how can i compile my .fla + .as files to a swf without using
      the Flash CS4 Wizard. This requirement is because i want
      to generate automatic builds.


      I have read about compiling with \Adobe Flash
      CS4\Common\Configuration\ActionScript 3.0\asc_authoring.jar, but it
      would be great if
      you can help me with more information.







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          pepeArreola Level 1

          Just to answer my question, if someone wants to know how do you do automatic builds.

          Use a script like this (jmag.jsfl):



          // Open the .fla file.
          var doc = fl.openDocument("file:///c|/Flash/MyFlash.fla");
          // Export the .swf file.
          doc.exportSWF("file:///c|/Flash/MyFlash.swf", true);