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    What makes a jpeg open in ACR?


      Working at a print lab we receive files from all kinds of sources.  Some of the jpegs that we get seem to automatically open in ACR, some go straight into Ps when double clicked (PC).  Does anybody know what makes an image open ACR?  Even if I have the "prefer ACR" turned off in Ps, the file continues to open in ACR.  The reason this is a problem is because the setting that the customer is making in ACR is not being saved/applied to the jpeg file.  Customer submitted file, prints were too dark, customer increased brightness +20 in ACR and resubmitted the jpegs.  But when we print they look just like the first batch.  When I double click the file, it opens in ACR and I can see the +20 brightness but when printed its not there!  Does anybody have any idea what could be happening?  Is it the manner that the customer is saving the files out of ACR?  Could it just be a bad action?  Thanks for any feedback!

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          rasworth Level 1

          If a jpeg is ever modified in ACR the changes are recorded within the jpeg in the exif data.  PS detects these changes and invokes ACR for the jpeg.  The changes can be cleared within Bridge by right-clicking and choosing "Develop Settings" > "Clear Settings"; the image will then open directly in PS.


          Richard Southworth

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            Thomas Knoll Level 2

            If you are using CS4, this is controlled in the Camera Raw preferences dialog, JPEG and TIFF handling section.

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              RLAII Level 1

              Thanks for the input guys.  We have done some more research and we think it might have something to do with the "Open as..." feature in Ps.  Seems using that allows you to set a jpeg to always open in ACR.  I am going to speak with our client to check on their workflow and see if we can track down the source.

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                rasworth Level 1

                If a customer modifies a jpeg file within ACR and then clicks on either Done or Open, the changes are recorded as tags in the exif data of the jpeg file; no modifications are made to the jpeg image data.  If you want to honor the customer's ACR edits you will have to open the jpeg file in ACR and Photoshop and either print from within Photoshop or save the file out of Photoshop.  Photoshop is the only app that will honor the exif tag modifications.


                Added by edit - The reason I reiterated the info is I predict this will happen more and more often as customers with a jpeg workflow "discover" how easy it is to change white balance, brightness, contrast, crop, etc. within ACR and never have to muck around in Photoshop.  It's very easy just to click on "Done" when they're through editing, rather than go to the pain of saving it out as a new file.  And Adobe hasn't done a wonderful job of explaining all the consequences, IMO.


                Richard Southworth