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    Previously unseen dialog (regarding header & footer references to template)

    Lew at Chyron

      Does anyone have any idea what in the world this dialog means?


      Here is the text:


      "The header or footer references to the template cannot be saved. Do you want to revert the changes to the header and footer on disk?"


      This is occurring in a perfectly ordinary Topic that I created yesterday (6/1), and which I set to use the .css that we've been using with no trouble since before the earth cooled.


      If this means some sort of project-wide corruption or something like that, I will have no choice but to rub strawberry preserves into my hair and stick my head into the nearest hornet's nest. That might well be preferable to dealing with some of the previous RoboHelp problems I have experienced.


      Thanks for any help that any of you may offer.


      --Lew Yedwab.


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