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    Best Realtime Solution for PP?

    Jhvegas Level 1



      I'm curious as to what the current best solution is for realtime (read: accelerated) editing in PP is these days. I've been a Matrox fanboi for quite some time, but lately been getting disillusioned.


      I'm open to PC or Mac, just want a few (solid) layers of HD video with some speed/color effects, titles in real time.


      What're you using these days?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          The best solution for realtime is DV media using an i7 processor on Vista 64 with 12 GB of RAM.  Change anything, and you might end up having to render.


          Seriously though, I was long ago disillusioned by the way Matrox plays with Premiere Pro.  Matrox did a wonderful job with Premiere 6.5, but just never could seem to get things totally right once Premiere went Pro.  So I gave up on them.  Now, things just work.  And I'll take a working system that requires rendering over a realtime system that doesn't work any day.

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            Jhvegas Level 1

            But what about HD? That's the allure of Matrox, the promise of RT with HiDef video - what's the most 'usable' solution out there these days?

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              Honestly, the best choice is probably a RED camera with an i7 processor on Vista 64 with 12 GB memory.  The second best solution is probably a DVCPRO HD camera on the same equipment.  Then HDV on that equipment, and the worst is probably AVCHD as far as realtime performance goes.


              In short, get yourself an i7 with 12 GB memory running on Vista 64.  Then do your best to use only I-frame media.

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                Jhvegas Level 1

                Do you have any experience with Premiere on the Applie platform? I'm a diehard PC fan but I'm willing to join the cult if I can get better PP performance. Anyone having good results with AJA?

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                  Colin Brougham Level 6

                  Switching platforms isn't going to gain you much of a performance increase, unless you're going from a really slow PC to a really fast Mac. With two comparably-equipped systems, one Mac and one PC, you're likely to see very little difference with general operation between the two. As Jim has stated, going with a faster processor/computer is going to net you a far greater increase in performance, and with fewer headaches, and likely less expense than throwing a dedicated/proprietary piece of video hardware into your machine.


                  Note that as far as acceleration goes, the RT.X2 (and other Matrox hardware like Axio) is the only game in town. Other manufacturers, like AJA, Blackmagic Design, and MOTU are simply making I/O devices that let Premiere connect with the outside video world. This should be a telling sign: with computers constantly increasing in speed, capability, and capacity, it makes no sense to spend R&D money on an "accelerator" addon that is rapidly eclipsed by the latest processor. If it made sense, you'd see at least a couple more of these accelerator options on the market. Get a faster computer which will speed up ALL parts of your workflow, instead of just one part--and usually that comes with a hefty price tag and an uncertain degree of reliability.

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                    Do you have any experience with Premiere on the Applie platform?


                    With Premiere?  No.  My Apple experience is with Avid and Media 100.  My advice is to keep your fanboy status and get a new i7 with Vista 64 and 12GB of RAM.

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                      Powered by Design Level 4

                      I too was thinking about getting a hardware fix for my slow system till I read all the problems with the hardware out there.


                      Im going to build a new i7 Quad Core system.


                      Videoguys has a good article about building a i7 system.


                      http://www.videoguys.com/Guide/E/Videoguys+DIY7+Intel+Core+i7+with+Vista+64/0xe07f65920351 fbf3ed8f9892355dfda0.aspx


                      Never build your own system.


                      You can watch some videos here:  https://www.homepcbuilder.com/


                      Their video has most of the same parts used in the VideoGuys build.


                      You should not waste you money on a hardware fix that will not last long.


                      my sytem used to not run HDV but with 4.1 update I can just see it in draft mode.


                      Its time to go from a single core to a new QUAD CORE i7 with 12MB RAM


                      You know you want a new machine. 


                      Be like MIKE.


                      JUST DO IT.




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                        Harm Millaard Level 7
                        Never build your own system.


                        That is perfect advise for people with big wallets, that want to spend far more for less performance. Not everybody falls in that category.


                        How does your earlier statement fit with:


                        Im going to build a new i7 Quad Core system.


                        What are you saying, build a system or buy a system?


                        Maybe have a look at the PC buying guide...


                        How to get the best from a PC? Some guides...

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                          Powered by Design Level 4

                          Thats so funny Harm.


                          I know im staying up to late and need to get to bed.


                          I didnt mean to say "Never build your own syste."


                          I think I was going for him to build his own system.


                          For me I want to purchase all the parts listed in the VideoGuys buy list and put it together myself.


                          The HP and Dells I looked at with the same specs were much higher in price.


                          I like your RULE # 3 in the PC buying guide.


                          Build it yourself.


                          Thanks for cathing that Harm.  I got to start proof-reading things better.


                          Thats what I get for typing sleepy.


                          Enjoy:  Glenn

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                            joshtownsend Level 2


                            Never build your own system.


                            Not sure about that. I mean if your a mac guy I can see how that would think like that. Hell if it was poosible to build your own Mac I would have. I don't understand why someone would buy a mac instead of building an i7 right now.



                            edited - sorry didn't know it was a typo


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                              Kona Bob Level 2

                              For editing HD in PPro I have been very happy using Cineform DI. It doesn't matter if your original footage was HDV, XDCam, AVCHD- it all ends up as 10 bit 4:2:2 HD.avi.

                              Most of the edit is realtime. CF provides 32 bit floating RT filters, transitions, CC, etc. that cover most of the bases. Other filters, AE comps, Magic Bullet Looks, and so forth require rendering.

                              The codec is near lossless & the final output quality is terrific: Blu Ray, DVD, Flash, whatever you need.

                              Cineform is in the last stages of completing the software for CS4, so we are all waiting, but I have used it since I first started editing in HD with PPro 1.5. They have trial versions you can download & get your feet wet, and a fairly new, inexpensive "lite" version called NeoScene.

                              Worth a look IMO