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    Big Problem: Can't get "use imported MP3 quality"


      I have an Actionscript routine that works off sound time to control stopping, starting, and scrubbing to parts of a movie. It works fine when I'm able to "use imported MP3 quality" in the Sound properties panel. It messes up when not.


      I've read other posts about making sure the imported MP3 format has a sample rate that is a multiple of 11 khz. Also that the file should not have metadata. So I'm using Sound Forge Audio Studio to output 44,100 KHz, 16-bit, mono files with no metatdata.


      The vexing part of this is it works with some files and not others that were output with the same settings. Flash is fickle. It just decides one file can be used as is and other not...


      I'm wasting a lot of time here trying to solve this. I'd appreciate any help.