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    Shatter Effect and Custom Shape Map not functioning. . .why?

    Lazlo Hollyfeld Level 1

      Okay, so after investigating the shatter effect a bit, I am lead to believe that the custom shape map parameter looks up the alpha channel of the layer it is set to.  If I create a text layer, apply the shatter effect, then set the custom shape layer to itself, the shatter works as expected--that is, the letterforms explode as whole pieces.  When I duplicate the text layer, hide it, then set the custom shape map to the duplicated text layer, the shatter still works as expected.


      I have some video footage that I keyed to create a distinct pattern.  This is a still image.  I precomposed the footage layer to store the alpha information.  I then brought that layer into a comp that had another image, and I set the custom shape of the shatter effect applied to that image layer to the precomposed layer (with the alpha).  When I do this, the image layer shows nothing.  No explosion, no pieces, etc.  All is gone.  When I use a procedural map choice, the shatter works.


      Shouldn't the custom map shape on the shatter read ANY alpha from a layer?  Why isn't it reading this one in particular?


      Any advice as to how to get this keyed video footage act as a shape map for the shatter effect would be greatly appreciated.