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    Unable to view slideshow in IE or older browsers.


      Hi my name is Sherri. I'm new to scripting and XML. I recently created a slideshow using Fireworks CS4. When I tested the slideshow using Dreamweaver on my HD, I was able to view it in IE v7 and FireFox. Now that I have uploaded it to my web server (Earthlink/Sprint), I can't view the slide show in Internet Explorer or any older version of IE or Netscape. However, it works fine in FireFox and Safari. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? The direct link to my slideshow is http://www.northsidealumni.org/photo_albumn/alumni_events/alumni_40celebration/meet_greet_ photos/index.html


      I did added a button to my slideshow. I hope it is not creating the problem. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.