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    [svn:fx-trunk] 7487: Scrolling work.

    Carol L. Frampton Level 2

      Revision: 7487

      Author:   cframpto@adobe.com

      Date:     2009-06-02 08:10:21 -0700 (Tue, 02 Jun 2009)


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      Scrolling work.  Fix scrolling delta code.  Override RichEditableTextContainerManager.keyDownHandler() so we can call event.preventDefault() which will tell our scroller, if there is one, that it doesn't need to respond to the key.  Ideally, TLF will do this, rather than our override.


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      Bugs: SDK-18486

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          flex/sdk/trunk/frameworks/projects/flex4/src/spark/primitives/supportClasses/RichEditable TextContainerManager.as