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    Fixes & Request


      Hi, I've been following this forum for a while and I 'm happy that FC has been released. So If anything I'm hoping that everyone that has issues or work arounds can post here. What I realized with FC is that when it comes to loading AI files (Adobe Illustrator), FC decides to compile or in Photoshop terms "Flatten Images" in to on Bitmap. What I was expecting is to see all my artboards of a prebuild application (for FC in particular) and begin automating the prebuilt components created in AI in FC. Not so, everything comes out as an image. Seems like I have to recreate everything in FC That stinks


      since I couldn't utilize the artboards as I desired, I decided to move on and see what else FC had to offer. To my surprise, every artboard is on Page 1, and you can't drag your designs from page 1 to page 2. You have to cut the artboard from Page 1, select Page 2 and paste it in.


      Lasttly, I'm running a Windows XP 32Bit operating System, with 4GB (3.25GB using being used out of the 4), and the hard drive is 1 TB. The FC is extremely sluggish when it starts off. Takes 1- 6 secs to switch or create new pages. If  any newbies are reading this (I hope you are) when you load your project and you decide to create a new page, everyhing on the canvas disapears, takes 5-7 seconds, and reappears with a new page (Page 2) in the Pages/States.


      That's all for now 

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          bruce_adobe Adobe Employee

          I can help out with your second point - moving artwork into other states.


          Say you have an image in Page1, and you want to to be in Page1 and Page2.

          Click on State2 - you will not see the image on the artboard, but you will see it represented in the Layers panel.

          Click on the Visibility icon betside the image - make the "eyeball" appear.

          Now the image will be in both states.


          - Bruce