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    9.0.2 Crash on startup "Scripting"

    Todd Lee

      Upgraded to CS4 9.0.2 this morning, and can no longer launch AE.  It crashes on "Scripting"


      "ASL.ResourceUtils.GetLanguageFromRegistry>  <Unable to obtain the User 'Language' registry key at : Software\Adobe\After Effects\9.0.2\Defaulting"


      Man, I knew I should have completed my current contract before upgrading.


      OS :  XP64

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          Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

          Todd... it might not be crashing on Scripting, but the next thing it's trying to initialize at startup. Just to check regarding Scripting, do you have any custom scripts installed in the Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS4\Support Files\Scripts folder? If so, is there a shortcut to a script or folder of scripts in that folder that no longer exists?


          If you don't have custom scripts installed, we'd need to know more info about your configuration:

          -- Did you previously have 9.0 or 9.0.1?

          -- What sort of graphics card do you have installed? (and do you have the latest drivers installed?)

          -- Were you launching AE from its icon or by opening a project file?



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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Please read Todd's blog for info. You have most likely scripts starting atomatically that generate panels. Therfore you will have to trash your workspaces to not reference these extra windows, trash the prefs and (temporarily) remove the scripts. What scripts are you using? It's kinda weird, as actually the update should fix these problems, not cause them...



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              Todd Lee Level 1

              I'm not using any custom Scripts, just whatever loads with CS4.


              I'm running the Master Collection, and I run the Adobe Updater every so often to update.  I started with 9.0, the and just ran the updater a couple days ago and it bumped AE to 9.0.1, which caused the crash.   Then I manually ran the 9.0.2 AE update, to see if that whould cure the problem, but it didn't.


              I'm running dual NVIDIA quadro FX 4600 with latest drivers as of last week.

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                Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

                As Mylenium suggested, try temporarily launching with fresh preferences. Go into your C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Adobe\After Effects\9.0\ folder, then rename the Adobe After Effects 9.0 Prefs.txt file to something else. (You might need to show hidden files/folders from Windows Explorer's Tools > Folder Options menu, View tab, to see the Application Data folder.) If using a fresh preferences file allow AE to launch, consider e-mail aebugs@adobe.com your backed-up Adobe After Effects 9.0 Prefs.txt file for analysis.


                If that still doesn't help, try temporarily renaming the 9.0 folder that contains the preferences file to something else, then launching AE.


                If that still doesn't help, try temporarily renaming the AE_OpenGL.AEX file (in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS4\Support Files\Plug-ins\Extensions) to AE_OpenGL.AEX.backup to see if disabling OpenGL support will help.

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                  Todd Lee Level 1

                  None of these suggestions fixed the crash.  Is there a way to roll back to 9.0?  Or do I need to uninstall and reinstall?

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                    Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

                    To go back to 9.0, you need to uninstall/reinstall. You'll want to rename the AE_OpenGL plug-in back to its original name (AE_OpenGL.AEX) before uninstalling so it can be removed correctly.


                    If 9.0 still causes a crash on startup, then it's probably something else on your system that's causing a conflict (e.g., bad font, bad video codec, incompatible third-party plug-in, etc.).

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                      Todd Lee Level 1

                      Thanks for your help.

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                        Todd Lee Level 1

                        For anyone who has a similar problem;


                        Following the previously suggested steps did not solve the problem (bypassing Open GL, stc.)


                        Uninstalling and reinstalling CS4 did not solve the problem.


                        Rolling back to a previous video card driver did solve the problem.  The latest video card driver for the Quadro FX 4600 (182.65) caused After Effects to crash on startup every time.




                        So in summary, I believe the crash had nothing to do with the upgrade to 9.0.2, but rather, updating the video card drivers.


                        Hope this helps someone.

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                          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

                          Thanks for posting this information, Todd.

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                            I have the exact same problem, but it appeared not after the update to 9.0.2 but updating from Leopard to Snow Leopard.

                            Any trick to try to solve this problem in Mac Os system?

                            I have the master collection in a 2.53 intel core 2 duo MacBook Pro, os 10.6.1

                            Schermata 2009-09-21 a 14.00.23.png

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                              Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

                              delkid: looks like the application can't find certain resources.  Usually you want to uninstall before and re-install after upgrading the OS. In this case, you can do that as well. First, uninstall using the installer, then install again and run the Adobe updater to get the latest updates.

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                                dellkid Level 1

                                Thanks for replying Adolfo, I did what you said: uninstalled, reinstalled, updated.

                                Same problem.  =(

                                Is there some file to erase/rename or some other trick I can try?

                                I'm desperate.

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                                  Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

                                  Delkid: Looks like there's something missing. Just to make sure you can use the Adobe CS4 clean script to completely re-install, then install again. If this doesn't work, try calling Adobe tech support (link in the main AE forum page).

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                                    Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

                                    Delkid: Check the After Effects Scripts folder for any aliases that point to files or folders that no longer exist. That might cause a crash.

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                                      My After Effects 9.0.2 has been running fine in both OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and 10.6 (Snow Leopard).  I ran a program today called Monolingual which removes unneeded language and architecture files.  When I ran the program I set it to remove all languages throughout my computer other than English and, since I have an Intel Mac, I set it to remove all PowerPC architectures.


                                      After the program had run, and removed 2 GB worth of unneeded language and architecture files, After Effects failed to start, giving me the same error message as indicated above:


                                      Screen shot 2009-10-01 at 4.58.18 PM.jpg


                                      I subsequently reinstalled the entire Adobe Master Collection CS4.  However, the error remained.  It appears that After Effects is calling on a file that is outside of the Adobe Suite, probably a file native to the OS X Operating System, that was removed by Monolingual.  So, when the Master Collection was reinstalled, the missing file was not reinstalled with it as it appears to be an Apple file, not an Adobe file.


                                      Monolingual allows folders and files to be excluded from being removed when it is run, which would avoid this problem in the future.  However, the error message does not give a clear indication where the missing file is located within the software - there are no "Registry Keys" in the Mac OS X Operating System.  Anyone have an idea?

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                                        paddster7 Level 1

                                        I have conducted additional troubleshooting on this problem and discovered the following:


                                        This crash is occurring because of two other programs.  The first is called "Flip4Mac WMV" and the other is called "Monolingual 1.4.1".


                                        I have installed Flip4Mac, which installs the following folder - /Library/Frameworks/TSLicense.framework onto my primary hard drive.


                                        I then installed Monolingual, which is a program that removes unneeded language and architecture files.  I ran the program with it set to remove all language files other than English, and to remove all ARM & PowerPC architecture files - leaving only the Intel architecture files.


                                        During this process, Monolingual removed the non-Intel architecture files from the /Library/Frameworks/TSLicense.framework folder.  This action resulted in After Effects crashing on startup.  Re-installing Flip4Mac fixed the problem by re-installing the /Library/Frameworks/TSLicense.framework folder.


                                        Monolingual allows the exclusion of files and folders from its scan.  I added the /Library/Frameworks/TSLicense.framework folder to the exclusion list, made sure the Architecture checkbox was unchecked, and now when I run Monolingual, After Effects still works.

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                                          dellkid Level 1

                                          IT WORKS!!!!!!

                                          Thanks Paddster!


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                                            How to solve this??? Two days ago, after updating from Leopard to Snow Leopard I've had the same problem.

                                            I tried to update, I tried to download Flip4Mac WMV and Monolingual 1.4.1, I tried everything as mentioned in the previous one posts ... but nothing works.

                                            Please help!

                                            Снимок экрана 2009-11-19 в 18.47.30.png

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                                              tandemitejs Level 1

                                              Have you tried running AE from a new user account? that worked for me.

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                                                Stance1 Level 1

                                                Just tried .... did not help!

                                                how strange ... different people have different solutions to the same problem.

                                                But none of these solutions will work for everyone. What should I do?

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                                                  Paul Whishaw Level 1

                                                  I am getting the same error. Totally random. It worked before lunch and after lunch, nothing. I had not installed anything or made any updates.


                                                  If I open a new user account however, AE open fine with all my plugins and effects no problem.


                                                  Very annoying.

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                                                    Paul Whishaw Level 1

                                                    Which is a work around and not a solution. I would really like to know what caused this on my system and how it can be fixed. If it happens again do I just keep making new user accounts?

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                                                      Christian Hopkins

                                                      I know this is quite an old thread now, but I've been having the same issue with AE CS 5.5 on a Mac.


                                                      I tried the usual things to get it working and the good old fashioned reboot, PRAM reboot and running Disk Utility to repair permissions, on other occasions when this has happened (3 or 4 times now), eventually it would start working. But not this today, so I restored default preferences, another way of doing this without having to delete any specific files (AE does it for you), is to hold Cmd+Option+Shift (Ctrl+Alt+Shift), as you double click on AE to open it - it will ask you if you want to remove preferences. You'll lose the palette arrangement you had, but who cares if you can access your file again?


                                                      Hope this helps.