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    CS3: Server queueing

    hstoessel Level 1



      As I meant, I have to do the queueing of the server processes by myself. But I have done a test and it seams to be queued. I start via Javascript three processes in a short time and in my plugin I have seen that one process after the other is done. I am unsure what is right now.


      - Do I have to queue server processes?


      - Or are the process queued by the server?


      Whats right?


      I have tested with the Indesign Server CS3 (debug version, Windows).


      Any hints?




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          IanDBrown Level 2

          There is some level of queuing in the http etc communications used when talking to indesign server, no idea how big this queue is.  So do you need to add a queue outside of indesign server - that depends, if you have a single server that is only likely to have a few things queued up and you don't mind say a server crash on the first request losing all requests you probably don't need one (I am not saying that indesign server crashes often, but it may happen).