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    SFTP support in Flash Builder?


      Hi all,


      I wanted to ask whether there is SFTP support somewhere in the Flash Builder / Flex Builder or whether I can somehow add this (plugin?). I searched the internet and I didn't come up with much about it. (I just downloaded and installed Flash Builder 4 Beta).


      In my current workflow it is essential for me to be able to edit files directly on the server through SFTP. Having Flash builder to do one bit and Zend or whatever to do the backend stuff (not to mention any maintenance work) is a show-stopper. (no, configuring CVS is not our idea of fun )


      Regarding Flash, I'm new to it. I'm quite experienced at creating rather complex data-centric apps using jQuery+PHP and I'm also an experienced (Certified) Java developer. I want to do the switch at some point to something more... proper (Flex+J2EE) and I'm currently looking to find out what the smoothest transition will be.


      Thank you for your time,