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    AE CS4 9.0.2 crash on any file operation or quit...


      I have the AE CS4 demo installed [basic install - no additional plugins or scripts] . No script panels docked.


      It worked fine the first couple of uses. Now it crashes if I try to quit, import a file, save a file, change/save preferences. I uninstalled everything using uninstaller. Re-installed. I updated with 9.0.1 and then updated with 9.0.2 with no change in behavior. I have two days left on demo. Our company has ordered the Production Suite but it hasn't arrived. Now I'm on the hot seat justifying an expense for an expensive app that won't run.


      Help appreciated.



      Mac Pro Intel

      2 Ghz Core Duo CPU

      4Gb RAM

      Apple Monitor

      OSX 10.4.11

      60Gb free space on hard drive.

      Flip4Mac and Perian installed (but AE worked when these were installed)