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    Scripting tab stops in tables

    RSDD Level 1

      Is it possible to reference tab stops in a script? I can't seem to find anything on it.


      I have footnotes that need to occur at the bottom of each table depending on which symbols or abbreviations are used in that table. Because cells can't be sized independently, getting even spacing is difficult. So I use tabs to create "virtual" columns.


      Here's how I accomplish it manually:


      1. Merge all cells in the row.

      2. Enter the footnotes.

      3. Make note of the width of the merged column.

      4. Determine how many tab stops are needed.

      5. Set each center-aligned tab stop.


      So, a 6"-wide column with three footnotes would have center-aligned tab stops at 1", 3", and 5". This looks like text in three evenly-spaced columns.


      I'd like to be able to enter the footnotes, then run a script to determine the correct tab stops. I could either select it or set a paragraph style that the script could look for.