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    Newbie ? - Flash recording with sub-static windows


      I am attempting to record in captivate in flash size 630x435 and the application I am recording has a static menu that can not be sized to fit.  Short of moving the screen around and making a long choppy video is there a zoom out function that will allow me to take in the entire menu with out majorly degrading the video quality?


      thanks a head of time


      or any suggestions??  I did record in a larger frame and tried to rescale but the quality of the text in the menu was dramtically degraded

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Hoping to understand your question: the menu to be captured is larger than the choosen resolution (640x535)? And I think this menu will have to be available on different slides (choosing options etc.). The new panning option in CP4 cannot help you then. I would capture at a larger resolution, but choose the same ratio width/heigth. You could p.e. capture at 1280x1070. Downscaling gives normally a better result than upscaling, although one always loses some quality. For the captions you could ask to rescale them or do the rescaling yourself afterwards.