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    RH8 deletes the glossary file (.GLO)

    Flaven Level 1

      Simple issue: I converted an RH7 WebHelp project to RH8. The glossary file became a zero-byte door stop.


      I close RH8, copy over a backup GLO file, open the project in RH8, make changes to the Glossary and can edit at will, close and open the project and the Glossary is still there...but, when I complile/publish the project, RH8 wipes out the GLO file.


      This also occurs if I use the Glossary Hotspot Wizard: I end up with a zero-byte file.


      (An ancillary issue is that the Glossary "Toolbar Button" does not show as an option in the WebHelp layout Properties page, and it is properly defined in the skin I am using).


      Any hints/help would be thoroughly appreciated...


      Here's something else I just discovered: any action that results in saving the GLO file zero-bytes the thing.

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          Flaven Level 1

          Bear with me on this: I refined the issue to anything that causes RH8 to explicitly save the .GLO file.


          If a populated Glossary is available in the RH8 interface and no changes are made to the Glossary in RH8, then everything compiles and works fine. Any change to the Glossary in the RH8 interface, however, results in a zero-byte file when RH8 saves the change. I discovered I could use an external editor (e.g., UltraEdit) to make and save changes without getting RH8 all fluttered.


          Issue resolved, but there's an underlying problem -- likely a bug.