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    I am a novice with a computer.


      Just recently I cannot open certain attachments in my emails. The latest was marked as an EFT.pdf file. When I try to open it a box opens up that says your security settings do not allow you to open this attachment. I have no idea where to go to change these settings.



      Also another question that may sound naive. Are Adobe Acrobat  and Adobe Reader 9.1 different programs and if so what do they do for you. Do you need both.


      Any help would be appreciated. If it means anything I just recently downloaded Internet Explorer 8.



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          pwillener Level 8

          What is your email client? It appears that the error you are getting is caused by the email client, or other system security settings - not Adobe Reader.


          Regarding your second question:

          - Adobe Reader lets you see/view PDF documents;

          - Adobe Acrobat lets you create/modify PDF documents.