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    PS layer masks does not import into FC

    rajesh11 Level 1

      Please allow for layer mask to import into FC. And most importantly the check box for 'Layer Mask Hides Effects.'


      Looks like Stroke Emboss does not import correctly.

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          Eric Lopatin (Adobe) Level 2

          So long as you flatten the layer in question, the visual effect of the "Layer Mask Hides Effects" option in Photoshop will carry through to a flattened bitmap in Catalyst.


          A couple of other related notes: Vector masks are used to crop the imported bitmap when a Shape layer is flattened (this is the default setting in Beta 1). If a Shape layer is not flattened, Catalyst will "bake" the overall layer style into a bitmap and generate a mask according to the shape of the Vector mask in Photoshop.This mask is applied to the bitmap and the appearance of the layer in question will be the same as it was in Photoshop.


          Though it would a great addition, Catalyst 1.0 won't support editing Photoshop layer styles within a Catalyst project. What we are working on is the ability to roundtrip with Photoshop, just as you can do so with Illustrator today. So adjustments to layer effects would be done in Photoshop and then changes merged back into the corresponding graphic in Catalyst.


          If you have a snapshot of the combination of effects which doesn't look correct (Stroke+Emboss), please post it with a comparison of the file's appearance in Photoshop. Thanks!



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            rajesh11 Level 1

            Please see attached file. Left side it FC, right side PS.


            Round trip would be ideal, that way all changes happen in Photoshop. Because without ability to make last minute changes FC is then not functioning as promoted. Designers need ability to make changes and not have to rely on Developers to screw it up as they are not looking at it visually.


            I am very excited to finally see FC. I will work with it more, as I still do not get the timeline. The Pages/States is much simpler to use then Flash.


            Thank you.

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              Eric Lopatin (Adobe) Level 2

              It's great to hear that you've enjoyed exploring Catalyst. By all means, please continue to post your feedback to the forum as you start checking out the Timeline and other features.


              Thanks for the screen capture. I tried the layer effects you have set up and they imported with the correct visual appearance when flattened. Is the modified Flex skinning Photoshop file something that you would be willing to post here? I'd like to examine this case further.