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    Audio problems with long presentation


      I have a client that I am trying to help out.  She keeps recording a 26 slide presenation which ends up being about an hour long.  One or two things keep happening:


      1. Presenter crashed when she clicks OK at the end.

      2. Presenter doesn't crash, but when she goes to publish, there is no audio.


      We've uninstalled and reinstalled Presenter 7 a couple times.  When we do a short test file, say 3 to 5 slides, 3 minutes long, everything works fine.


      She is using a year old Dell laptop with 2 gb of RAM and a 160 GB hard drive.



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          Couple of suggestions only, not necessarily solutions.


          1. You didn't say, but do not record in Presenter. Use a shareware/freeware program like Audacity-it's a nifty little program with tons of features. You then have the benefit of having the files stored in the event of a crash as either WAV or mp3 files.


          2. Once you record in Audacity, she should delete ANY and all needlessly empty spaces in the audio tracks. File size matters. With an hour running time I would strongly suggest trimming the run time as much as possible. Even to 30 min if possible.


          3. Make any and all audio edits in Audacity-not Presenter. When the audio is where it should be, then synch any animations.


          Hope this helps!