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    Memory & Export & Media Encoder

    jdmoor Level 1

      Problem 1:

      Is there in CS4 a way to export a standard DV AVI file (standard DV 4:3 source material) without having to use Media Encoder?   In older versions of Premiere (CS2 for example) all I had to do was "Export to Movie" which created an AVI file.  Now, I use "Export to Media", Media Encoder opens and has to load the whole darn project, then "encode" my timeline .. this take a LOT LONGER than I want.


      Because I'm new to CS4, am I missing something?


      Problem 2:

      After I work in CS4 Premiere for a while (about 2 -3 hours), I get a warning that "Adobe Premiere is Low on Memory.  Please save your project and proceed with caution." ...    What's that all about?  I have to close the project and reopen to 'flush' the mem?