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    Audio/Video Issues in Tour de LC


      First off, I would like thank Adobe for producing this resource.


      In looking through the various pages contained within Tour de LC, I have found a couple of minor issues with regard to some of the videos presented. A co-worker had found a video that had no audio, unfortunately I am not sure which module it occurred. There is some kind of captioning in the video so it may just be that there is no audio.


      In LiveCycle Overview > LiveCycle Solutions > Life Sciences > Life Sciences Demo Module, the Life Science Demo video does not sync with the audio. The video seems to stop while the audio continues.


      In the LiveCycle Overview > Resources > Adobe TV section, the Videos labeled 'Service-Orientated Architecture for the Enterprise' and 'Invoking a LiveCycle ES process from an Adobe AIR application' seem to be the same video.


      Again, Thank you for this great resource. I am sure it will be helpful to a great many LC users and developers.


      Vive La Digital Revolution!!


      Ryan D.E. Garner

      Systems Consultant


      Garner Data Systems, Inc.