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    Getting started with Premiere Pro CS3

    Michael B. McGee

      Newbie here.  I'm a DP who's been forced into learning how to edit due to my lazy so-called friends who call themselves editors.  all though i mentioned that i'm being forced to learn, i'm also looking forward to it as well.  i tried skimming through all of the posts here and the FAQs, but couldn't really find what i was looking for amazingly.


      I need to find a book for beginners on how to use Premiere Pro CS3.  maybe a "CS3 for Dummies" perhaps.  i'm aware of Lynda.com, but was wondering if anyone could recommend a book.  i'm open to websites, but books have always been a great starting point for me.  so, please let me know what i should do to get started in the wonderful world of Premiere Pro CS3, soon to be CS4 as soon as i feel comfortable upgrading to Vista.


      thanks in advance.