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    Auto-save causes Crashes !

    JR2010 Level 1

      Everytime I'm trying to do a Ram preview and auto-save starts After Effects CS4 will crash.  In fact, just about everytime I'm making an adjustment and auto saves kicks in.... it's will crash.  Sick of it !!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try turning off auto save in the preferences. If the crash continues see if you can gather a crash report and send it to:




          Also, a little more info than I'm getting a crash would help. What OS, RAM, Version of AE (9.02 is current). QT version, project specs....


          There are about a zillion things that can cause a crash. We're shooting blind without more info.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            As Rick said - more info please. If it crashes regularly, then some very clear source must be behind it. Since saves mean disk activity, I would suspect eitehr a problem with your physical disk setup, user permissions, an SATA/ RAID driver or simply something with energy saving strategies, i.e. the disks spin down and don't wake up quikly enough. Anyway, your guess is as good as mine, so give us a few more details and we may be able to help.



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              JR2010 Level 1

              sorry.. been frustrated and have sent a zillion crash reports to adobe. 


              If i turn off Auto-Save it seems to work just fine, but that's not a smart way to work obviously.


              Here's my setup:


              Mac Pro

              OS X 10.5.5

              Dual quad core Intel Xeon

                16 GB Ram

              NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500

              AJA KONA 3

              And we use XSAN with Fiber



              And again with Auto-Save On,  if i'm in the middle of adjusting anything or especially trying to Ram preview when Auto Save starts it crashes, everytime.

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                Two questions/ things to try:


                - disable the AJA stuff

                - disable the Fiberchannel and save over a normal Ethernet connection


                Either one of them or the combination of both should show a change in the auto-save behavior.



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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Are your projects and footage shared over the XSAN network? That may be the source of the problem.


                  The first thing that I'd do would be to set up a project with all resources on your machine. If the problem goes away then there's something wrong with permissions or the setup of the network that is causing the crashes. I seem to remember some issues in the past but haven't had time to look through my archives this AM. Maybe someone else remembers.


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                    JR2010 Level 1

                    thanks for the help... we have had some permissions issues in the past but the strange thing is this only started with CS4.  We had zero problems with this in previous versions.  All started with CS4

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                      ChrisProsser Adobe Employee

                      I'm sorry to hear Auto-Save is crashing.


                      You mentioned you've sent in a bunch of crash reports. We're these under 9.0.2, 9.0.1, or 9.0.0?



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                        E Eastlake Level 1

                        The autosave function is seriously flawed! Im having the same problem with it autosaving and crashing no matter what Im doing. I tried to disable the feature but to my surprise its already turned off (just does it anyway!).


                        Just like JR2010 I’m completely sick of it and I think Adobe has done a piss poor job of CS4 (C$4) as a whole. Flash, Photoshop, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Illustrator I have experienced multiple problems and considering how much we spent on upgrading our studio (crippling BTW) its not good enough.


                        I have tried to contact the support team multiple times using multiple methods and nothing. Many of my peers, friends at other studios have had the familiar lack of service and hair pulling experiences from the team at Adobe. Im at a stage where only half of the master collection we have works due to licensing corruptions.


                        With complete confidence we can all say well done Adobe you FAILED!

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                          ARRSDigitalis Level 1

                          Same experience for me: from the CS4, as I activate the autosave function, AE crashes.

                          It doesn't depends on the machine: same issue on windows and mac osx. Different machines, no particular item attached to them.

                          It's simply some sort of bug in AE.

                          Now I'm running CS5.5 regularly licensed.

                          Luckly, in the mac there is always time machine...

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                            Dave LaRonde Level 6

                            ...from the CS4, as I activate the autosave function, AE crashes.... It's simply some sort of bug in AE.


                            Oh, I wouldn't jump to that conclusion right away.  AE 9 never, EVER played nicely with footage like h.264, mp4, mpeg, to say nothing of the compression schemes developed after AE9 was replaced by AE 10.


                            If you're trying to use any video footage like that, AE will give you fits.