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    DVD menu quality suffers when audio is added...


      Hi all!


      I've fallen in love with Premiere Elements 7, but unfortunately when I add music to a DVD menu template, the quality of the menu suffers, particularly the text which is hardly readable.


      When I remove the audio, and go to preview, it is fine. I've burnt to a DVD but had the same blurry result.


      I have a 3.2Ghz Pentium IV with 2GB Ram, so it shouldn't be the machine. Although I only have about 10GB left on my hard drive, could this really affect the DVD menu with audio only? The rest of the program and DVD work flawlessly.


      Any help would be REALLY appreciated, as I have to hand this DVD in for my university portfolio in 2 days time!!


      Thanks in advance,

      Ivan Reshetilov