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    How to REALLY change the standart duration for JPEG pictures?




      I'm new here and I know... it's a bit rude to start with a question but well that's what drives me here.


      If I change the standart duration of stills it simply doesn't change.... if for example it's set to one and I want it to be 3 for a couple of shots it stays at one.... is this per project and can't be changed during a project....??


      would appreciate your help guys and girls.




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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          First, welcome to the forum.


          Next, there are two ways to adjust the Duration of a still image, or a Title. The most common is to first be in Timeline Mode. Next, click on the Tail of the Clip that is your still image. Drag it along the Video Track in the Timeline, until it's the Duration that you want. Note: this is easier to do when it's the last image/Clip in the Timeline, or on a separate Video Track. If there are other Clips, you will move those down the Timeline with this movement. If you wish to only affect that one Clip and have it cut into the following Clip, hold down the Ctrl key, when you drag. By default PE will move the rest of the Clips on that Video Track (just the opposite of how PrPro does it).


          Next, if you want to Import a bunch of stills and have their Duration longer, go to Edit>Preferences>General and change the Duration there. This is global and will ONLY affect stills Imported AFTER that change. It will also apply to your Titles, so do not forget to change it back.


          Good luck,