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    Flash Catalyst Mouse Actions

    KevinEverywhere Level 1

      Realizing that this is still only beta, felt it still important to request adherence to option and command+option wherever relevant. At the top of my list is in the main design area, where I'd like to be able to option click on anything I create to have a duplicate. Close behind is the timeline. I can't even select multiple! I'd like to be able to option+click and drag a duplicate of the timed transition into the other layer (think of fading alpha in and out on elements). It could be that this multiple selection surfaces elsewhere, but I could not find it intuitively in the interface.


      PS I really like the attention paid to the right mouse. Kudos to all involved.

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          Tvoliter Adobe Employee


             Thank you very much for the feedback. Option-dragging to duplicate is indeed not supported now, but is a feature we will take into consideration since the gesture is very common in design applications.


          Also, allowing users to select more than one effect in the timeline is a feature under high consideration. We realize how it enables much more efficient editing in the timeline.


          - Ty