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    Install error


      I am having error 1603, while trying to install Fc. It comes up to the end and then open a screen with Installation fails message.

      My system is Sony Vaio/ Vista Home/Premium/3 GB RAM.

      What i can do to install it?

      I'll try tomorrow to install it on my desktop machine (Vista Ultimate/8 GB RAM)  and will let you know the result.





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          Thomas L (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          HI Mika ,


          Is this a first installation of FC on the system you're having trouble with ?

          or you had MAX build installed ?   How about other pre-release Adobe applications installed on the same system ?


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            shahinyan Level 1

            I have Scorpio on that machine and thats it from prerelease things. I've tried to reinstall it several times, clean up the registry entries, no luck...

            Still having 1603 error.



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              Thomas L (Adobe) Adobe Employee

              Hi Mika,


              I attached a CleanUp Script that our installer engineer provided.  Within the WinCS4Cleanupscript zip folder, you will find a readme in .pdf format and a clean up script. Please follow the instruction in the readme file. 

              To be on the safe side after running the cleanup script, I would also suggest that you delete any prior unzipped folder of "Adobe Flash Catalyst". That is the folder that expanded to your desktop after download and run the installer from this site.  It contains the Setup.exe. 

              Finally, please try installation again.  I hope this helps.

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                shahinyan Level 1

                Thanks a lot! One last question, this cleanup script after install, would kill my current CS3 Design installation?



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                  Thomas L (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                  Yes, good question,

                  Note that there is a slight risk that running this script could cause problems with other Adobe apps installed. So make sure you have the serial numbers and installers for you existing app backup somewhere.