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    Transitions insert extra time between scenes




      I'm used to using transitions which "steal" time from the scenes either side of them, ie. not adding time.  It seems Premiere Elements adds some time between scenes, because when I insert a transition, I see extra frames (beyond the out marker) which I don't want included in the output.


      Is there a way to make the transitions take time from the scenes around them, rather than insert new time?


      Many thanks.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          PE is not adding frames. What you are seeing are the Handles. When you set the In and Out Points in a Clip, and then place that next to another Clip, whose In and Out Points have also been set, you see the two Clips butted up, and Out Point of Clip A is next to the In Point of Clip B. When you then add a Transition, other than Dip-to-Black in some instances, there needs to be material/frames to Dissolve, or whatever the Transition does. These are Handles. They are from the material AFTER your Out Point on Clip A and BEFORE your In Point on Clip B. If they do not exist, then PE will create still frames from the frame at the Out Point and also from the In Point to allow enough for the Transition.


          If you need for the frames that are included in the Handles to be different, you will need to move your In and Out Points farther back, as these are just used as the starting point for the Transitions.


          Handles were a lot more obvious, when one did editing of motion picture film, as they were included physically, and noticably, in the two streams of film, that would later be printed together into one.


          Good luck,



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Here is an example of Handles:


            Handles 01.jpg


            Hope that this helps.



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              sda100 Level 1

              Thank you to you both - I now understand about Handles.  I'm a bit hesitant to simply move the handles further into each relevant clip to provide frames for the transition to work with, because if I decide to change the duration of the transition, these handles will then probably be in the wrong place.


              I havn't yet worked out how to make the video fade in/out on a clip by clip basis, but could a possible solution be to introduce a scene inbetween the two I'm working with, which is just 3 seconds of black for example?  And make two single-sided transitions, one for the end of the first clip, and one fot eh beginning of the second?  Obviously adjusting the alignment of the transitions to suit?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Now, the use of a short segment of Black Video (with New icon in Project Panel) and then Dip-to-Black Transitions is a good way to get closer to the exact point that you want the image to start to disappear. What was once called a Fade-to-Black is often used to visually indicate the passage of time. Clip A shows action at one time. Fade-to-Black shows that some amount of time elapsed, until Clip B begins to fade in. The indication can also be both a passage of time and perhaps a change in location. Visually it enforces that something, time/location/both, has occurred. A Cross-Dissolve can indicate the same, but is less enforced. Often when I'm showing just a few minutes' difference, or maybe a different location within the same room, I'll use the Cross-Dissolve. Go to another room, or have a few hours, or days elapse, and I'll Fade-to-Black. Often, the length of the Black Video will indicate more time, or a major location change, just as a longer Transiton Duration. I also find that there is a hint of a "sad" note, with a long Dip-to-Black Transition.


                If you do create Black Video, it'll be created per the settings in Edit>Preferences>General. I use a lot of 02 sec. Black Videos, so I just leave my Edit>Preferences>General the same, and then Dbl-click on my newly created Black Video to get it into the Source Monitor. There, I move the Out-Point to 02 secs. In Project Panel, I'll Rename it to 02sec Black Video. If I decide that I need longer, I'll just click on the Tail of a particular instance of it, and drag to the desired Duration.


                For a little more discussion on Transitions, especially the aesthetic decisions of their useage (slides in this case), see this ARTICLE.


                At one time in my career, there were but three Transitions: Butt-cut, Cross-Dissolve (called Lap-Dissolve then) and Dip-to-Black (called Fade-to-Black then). Wow, now there are thousands, though some should never have existed, IMHO.



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