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    what is the mm.cfg for? - Problems with debugging / profiling

    stephan.k Level 1

      Hello Forum


      I am having trouble getting the flex profiler to work with my actionscript 3 project (player 9 - debug version installed, mac).


      In another forum I have seen some references to the mm.cfg file.  What does this file do?  All I see right now is the following line:


      PreloadSwf=/Users/stephan/Documents/Flex Builder 3/.metadata/.plugins/com.adobe.flash.profiler/ProfilerAgent.swf?host=localhost&port=8888


      When profiling or debugging I now get the following error:

      Error: ProfilerAgent.socketDataHandler: unknown command = 60
          at ProfilerAgent/socketDataHandler()[C:\faramir\flex\sdk\modules\profiler3\as\Prof ilerAgent.as:1008]


      Is this error related to the mm.cfg file?


      I can't find any ProfilerAgent.as or ProfilerAgent.swf files on my system?  Is this something I need to download?


      Any insight much appreciated...  Nothing works right now


      Thank you all for your time.