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    Updated to 4.1.0, no "Red R3d" preset option


      Yesterday I updated three cs4 machines via the help/updates to 4.1.0., and everything seemed to work fine. Then today, a friend of mine updated his laptop cs4 premiere to 4.1.0 using the same method. Now here is the strange part, when creating a new project, he has a preset folder for "Red R3d" on his laptop, while I don't have this option on any of my computers. We've checked the version numbers, and everything is the same, and neither one of us has installed any 3rd party plugins, so I'm not sure why the preset folders are different. After the update, is there supposed to be a "Red R3d" preset folder? I'm not currently in need of the Red presets, I just thought this was curious.


      FYI-If I go manually go into the sequence settings, I can pick custom settings for Red.