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    Adobe Reader 9 download error


      I recently tried to download an upgrade for my Adobe Reader.  Now, when I try to open the program I get "error 1606 - could not access network location %APPDATA%\".  I have tried to uninstall with no success. I tried to repeat the download process but I'm still stuck.  Hope I can get some help!

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          How are you trying to download the upgrade? Using the internal Adobe updater program or downloading the update from the Adobe website?

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            Ammu Jose


            Even I have the same problem. I tried to download it from the Adobe Website. Could you please suggest a solution for this?

            Thank You.

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              MagicMagie Level 1

              Originally, I was at the local city goverment site.  The file I was trying to download was a schedule of children's summer activities for my grandchildren.  I got a message that I needed to update my Adobe Reader in order to view the schedule.  After I had waited for the download, at about 96% completion, an install wizard activated.  I clicked continue and then the error message popped up. 


              I have since (yesterday) downloaded the program from the Adobe website, however the results are exactly the same.  My computer seems to think I have all the information but I immediately get an internal message error when I try to initiate the Reader.


              I am using Vista O/S if that makes a difference.