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    Interest in generated ORMs?

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      for a current project, I develop an object relational mapper generator. You pass in a YAML-based specification of entities used in you app, and the generator generates PHP {MySQL} classes for each entity. The classes then manage the underlying database transparently. [Due to certain restrictions, I refused to use other PHP ORM frameworks].


      Up to this point nothing special. Here is what I might implement too, if there is interest:


      Besides the standard ORM stuff, the generator might generate a SOAP server and a correponding WSDL file too, which might be accessed using Flex. As you know, by means of FlexBuilder, you might then transform the server-side WSDL to AS3/Flex to access the SOAP API nicely in Flex.


      Since the ORM generator is more or less language neutral, it should be fairly simple to generate client-side AS3 classes instead of server-side PHP-classes. These generated AS3 classes would manage entities locally by means of a SQLite Database in AIR.



      If you feel, that these two subproject might be useful _or_ useless, please jump in and write a comment.


      Kind regards,