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    Flah Builder 4 and HTTPService and/or file system issue


      So, with the release of FB4 and Catalyst, I decided I wanted to play around with it...


      Using the latest gotoAndLearn tutorial I set out to make a simple twitter RSS reader using HTTPService that puts my twitter posts in a list.  After I finished designing the app in photoshop and catalyst, and finished coding the app in FB4.  I hit the debug button, and It worked perfect.  I closed FB4 and navigated to the bin-debug folder and tested the swf and html files there, and they worked, but when I made a copy of the swf onto my desktop and tested that, it would not populate the list.  I uploaded it to my server to test it there and the same problem arose.  On the bottom left of firefox it said "waiting for local host..."


      Here is a link to my swf that I uploaded


      Thanks for any help you can give me,