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    Scrollbar code to include changing opacity of a graphic


      Hi All,


      I'm not a real actionscipt person as I usually only code simple buttons and the like.


      I have a scrollbar that I grabbed off a resources site. (code below)


      I want it so that whenever I put the cursor on the scollbar to move it that the graphical information under the scrollbar comes on (either reveal or opacity to 100%). At the moment the little thumbnails under the scrollbar are on all the time and area bit of a distraction (they are meant to assist in the use of the scrollbar by minimising searching behaviour).


      Please have a look at the presentation at


      to see what I mean.


      Thanks so much to all who reply.


      progFrame.onEnterFrame = progStatus;
      progBar.scrubber.onPress = function () {
      progFrame.onEnterFrame = scrubProg;
      progBar.scrubber.onRelease = progBar.scrubber.onReleaseOutside = function () {
      progFrame.onEnterFrame = progStatus;

      function progStatus() {
      amountPlayed = (_root.section1_mc._currentframe / _root.section1_mc._totalframes);
      progBar.playedBar._width = (Math.round(amountPlayed * 500));
      progBar.scrubber._x = (Math.round(amountPlayed*500));

      function scrubProg () {
      _root.section1_mc.gotoAndStop(Math.floor((progBar.scrubber._x/500) * (_root.section1_mc._totalframes)));
      progBar.playedBar._width = progBar.scrubber._x;