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    Lost MPEG2 Support after 4.1 Update

    BrothersCorral Level 1

      Hey Guys,


      Has this happened to anyone else?  I updated to Premiere Pro 4.1 today and I seem to have lost all MPEG2 support.


      I was working on a project for a client but he he gave me m2v and ac3 files.  He said those were his only copies.  I loaded them up into Premiere Pro CS4 and edited the files perfectly.  After the update, I opened my project file and now everything is offline.  If I try importing .m2v, .ac3, or .VOB files, Premiere Pro rejects them and gives me an error message of "file not supported".


      Anyone else have this problem?  All other files import just fine.  AVCHD and REDCode files all work just fine.




      PS, I'm editing on an Intel-Mac Pro.