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    Help with mic choices...

    DrUsual Level 1

      I'm shooting a short film with four people around a card table -- right now I have one monaural lapel mic with a 25' cord available, and a Zoom Handy Recorder.  Unfortunately, I don't have anything as nice as a boom with a directional mic.


      If I use the lapel mic, is there a way in PE to have the audio play back in both the L and R channels, rather than just one?  If I do that, is it going to sound very obviously bad?


      The Zoom captures stereo sound, though it's larger and thus, harder to hide in the camera shot.  Still, I'm thinking about trying to use that as the mic and using the line out to pass through to my Canon-GL2 to capture the sound with the video.


      Any advice would be very welcome...