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    Video delayed upon export


      I'm using Premiere Pro and After Effects to create a film that at some times is timed to the beat of a piece of music. I have lined up the edits to the transient on the waveform, and it plays perfectly in time in Premiere, but as soon as I export, the video gets delayed by a fraction of a second (maybe .2s?), completely throwing off all my edits and making it look really dodgy.


      I'm pretty sure this isn't my computer, as it is fairly powerful (2Ghz Duo, 2GB Ram), and it runs all other video files fine, in time. I have also tried on other, better computers, with the same problem.



      However.. if I import it into After Effects to apply various plugins, the waveform once again looks in time with the video. I can't playback fast enough in After Effects for some reason to evaluate this.


      But then if I export from After Effects again, with compression so its a smaller file, then the video once again gets delayed.




      I guess I can keep nudging the audio around til it becomes in time, but it'd be much better if I can get this fixed.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          All exports should be exactly as they are in the sequence.  The only reason I can think of for this type of error is something wrong with the playback of the exported file.

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            Morgoe Level 1

            I have just exported it at 1/4 of the real resolution, to try and eliminate any stress on the video card, but the problem is still there (and the same delay).


            It is uploaded here (only 5mb, if you don't mind having a look):



            A picture of the waveform in AE is here. As you can see (that is the start of the 'scene'), it is perfectly aligned to the transient.


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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              The cuts seem to be very well timed with the music for me.  This supports the idea that there's something wrong with the playback of the file on your computer.


              Here's a hint:  Don't use Qcuiktime - for anything.  Don't use them as raw media, don't export them as files, don't use the player.  Just don't even install Quicktime on your machine.  Life is good that way.

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                Morgoe Level 1

                I wish I didn't have to use Quicktime, but its for a uni assignment.. and our lecturer seems to think that anything not Mac is terrible.. and so we have to hand in the files as .mov's. I agree that Quicktime is terrible.





                I tried it in VLC player, slight delay but not as much. Tried it in Windows Media Player and there's almost no delay. I'll just have to ask that its played in Windows Media Player then. Thanks for your help.