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    Can't create HDV project / capture HDV footage

    splette Level 1


      I just installed the 4.1.0 update for Premiere CS4 and since then I cannot create HDV projects or capture HDV footage. It still worked fine a few hours ago, could the update be the problem? I remember that at the time I was using the trial version there was also no HDV available in Premiere. But I am using the full version now for quite a while and didn't have any troubles with it. The update is the only thing that comes to my mind, that might have caused it.

      Apart from the HDV option disappearing everything else works fine (e.g. CS4 doesn't ask me for a serial number or anything like that).

      Capturing HDV footage in HDVSplit still works, so that doesn't seem to be the problem either.


      I am running Vista 64, my cam is Canon HV20


      Any ideas?