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    Not able to remove "Flex Data Visualization Trial" watermark




      I am not able to remove "Flex Data Visualization Trial" watermark. This watermark comes on the screen when I am trying to use the datavisualization components, eg. advanceddatagrid. Though I have flex builder professional license. How we can remove this watermark? Please help me to get out of this problem.


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          Vera Carr Level 2

          Hi Ravindra,


          Please try the following steps pulled from the Flash Builder Release Notes:


          Using Flex Datavisualization with Flash Builder 4

          The Flex data visualization features will continue to work with Flex SDK 3.4 and Flex SDK 4 projects in Flash Builder 4. But enabling data visualization features requires additional steps post install.


          The serial key you enter into the Flash Builder 4 (Beta) serial key dialog will not remove the watermarks from the data visualization components. A valid Flex Builder 3 Professional key is required to remove watermarks from data visualization components. Use the instructions at http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/html/help.html?content=configuring_environment_2.html  to setup  Flex Builder 3 licensing by either editing the license.properties or the flex-config.xml file.


          You need to manually run the java based extraction command to extract the data visualization sources from the file DMV-source.jar file. This file is located in the SDK's lib directory. In Flash Builder 4, the lib directory is located at {Flash Builder 4}\sdks\3.4.0\lib or the corresponding 4.0.0 SDK.


          The syntax to extract the data visualization source code is as follows: java -jar DMV-source.jar {license-file-location} {output-location}The first argument is the location of the license.properties file. This file must contain a valid Flex Builder 3 Professional license key. The location for the for the extracted source is specified with the second parameter.




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            The only way I could remove the watermark was by doing the following:


            Update license.properties file

            Update flex-config.xml in the SDK/features folder (not sure if this helped)

            Add the following to the compiler under project-->properites --> Flex Compiler

            add this to additional compiler arguments:



            I can remove this and it still seems to be working.